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Doron Taussig


Public education is an integral part in the upbringing of American children and teenagers. While it is a right for all U.S. citizens, the quality of public education can vary greatly from school to school and from district to district. In fall of 2020, a group of students in a journalism course at Ursinus were tasked with finding and interviewing Montgomery County High School students to record their experiences at several schools in the county and highlight some of the inequities inherent in the American public schooling system. This presentation will detail two stories and a video that encapsulated our findings. The video features students from various Montgomery County high schools talking about school funding and inequities between districts. The first story involves the differences between the post-graduate programs at two high schools in different districts: Perkiomen Valley High School and Pottstown High School. The second story is a profile piece on the life of a Pottstown high school student during the COVID-19 pandemic. These stories were written, researched and edited with the assistance of both Professor Doron Taussig and Evan Brandt, a reporter for the Pottstown Mercury.


Presented as part of the Ursinus College Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) held April 22, 2021.

The downloadable file is a poster presentation with audio commentary.

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