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Johanna Mellis


In this presentation, I provide an overview of my project: a series of podcasts discussing the history of gender, race and sports diplomacy as they relate to the Ursinus College women's field hockey team. I also examine a few archival materials that are discussed in the podcast.


Presented during the 23rd Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 23, 2021 at Ursinus College.

The downloadable file is a video in MP4 format with a run time of 13:13.

The final project, a series of podcasts, are available here:

Episode 1a: History of Ursinus and Women's Sports

Episode 1: Ursinus Field Hockey, Eleanor Snell's Legacy and Community

Episode 2a: Sports Diplomacy, Apartheid, and the Cold War

Episode 2: Ursinus and Sports Diplomacy in South Africa

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