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Johanna Mellis


Presented during the 23rd Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 23, 2021 at Ursinus College.

The downloadable audio file is in MP3 format with a run time of 10:03.

Music for this episode is old house by Dee Yan-Kee.

A related presentation is available here.

Project Description

In this second mini-podcast episode, I lay out key concepts and provide brief overviews of important history for the casual listener. I rely on a journal article in the New Zealand International Review as well as a case study of the British Sports Council's review of South Africa’s segregation to inform these definitions. From here, I lay out the Cold War context that made the sports diplomacy of South Africa relevant in international politics, informed by the book, Beyond Boycotts: Sport During the Cold War in Europe, edited by: Philippe Vonnard, Nicola Sbetti and Grégory Quin.

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