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Johanna Mellis


Presented during the 23rd Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 23, 2021 at Ursinus College.

The downloadable audio file is in MP3 format with a run time of 28:04.

Music for this episode is old house by Dee Yan-Kee.

A related presentation is available here.

Project Description

I begin this first full podcast episode with a discussion of Calvin Daniel Yost’s book, Ursinus College: A History of its First Hundred Years, with reference to my own look at the college’s yearbook, The Ruby. I lay out Eleanor Snell’s personal history using Yost’s limited knowledge and rely on Harriet A. Gould’s A Study of the Professional Life and Contributions of Miss Eleanor Frost Snell to Women’s Physical Education and Athletics, for personal details. From here we discuss the implications of community and the effect that Title IX legislation had on a formerly internationally recognized program.

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