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A handwritten letter from Nora G. addressed to Alfred L. Shoemaker, dated March 17, 1948. Within, the author provides a list of old weather predictions accredited to Peter Derro, as well as information about special Saints' days and agricultural advice.


Nora G.


Alfred L. Shoemaker

Corresponds to:

Packet 103-13


Reading, Pennsylvania


Reading Mar. 17-1948

Dr Shoemaker: -

Dear Sir

I just came across some of Peter Derrs Weather Predictions. January. Wons gross woxed in im Yannuar dou gebds net jeel hoy in sellern yore. If grass grows in January denotes a poor hay crop.

Jan. 10th Plow Monday the first Monday after the 10th dig in your garden to insure a good garden crop.

Feb 2nd Ground hog day if he sees his shadow he stays in 6 more weeks.

Feb 14. If we have a south wind on that day a good corn crop is sure.

Feb. 24th (Moddise) dar macht ice oder bricht-ice.

Feb. 28. If you hear the (Pe-we) is a sure sign of spring.

March 1 comes in like a lion goes out like a lamb or the (reverse)

March 24th If it has frost or ice on this day look out for 30 days cold

April 1 Noah send out his first dove and was fooled (no land) and came back.

Good Friday if you eat a cross bun will prevent whooping cough.

March [April] 25 St. Marks Day If you sit in a church from 11 to 1 o’clock midnight you see Ghosts and in 3 years you see your [illegible].

May 3rd Empress Helen 326 AD went to the Holy Land near Jerusalem dug a hole and found 3 crosses on which Christ and the thieves were crucified a church now marks the spot

July 2. Mary went over to visit her cousin Elizabeth. (The rest I couldn’t make out)

July 15. St Swithins day is fair a temperate winter will follow but if it is raining strong it will rain for 40 days.

October 9th St Dennys [Denis] was beheaded, he carried his head 2 miles then died. It always rains on this day.

Oct 28. St Simons day this day either rains or is windy


As the wind is in Nov. so it will be in December. Thunder in Nov. means a fertile year. If St. Martins day is fair dry and cold the winter will be short and mild. If geese stand on ice on this day they will walk in mud on Christmas day.

As Nov 21st so is the whole winter

As November so is March

These predictions are over 100 years old perhaps they don’t hold out

Nora [illegible]


English and Pennsylvania German

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Letter From Nora G. to Alfred L. Shoemaker, March 17, 1948



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