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Kneia DaCosta


The current study examined body objectification and disordered eating habits among sorority and non-sorority women in college. Based upon previous literature, we hypothesized that (1) Sorority women will show more body objectification than non-sorority women and (2) sorority women will demonstrate higher rates of social pressure than non-sorority women. Using interview transcripts from 12 groups of sororities and two groups of non-sorority women, narratives were analyzed using grounded theory analysis with prior and emerging codes. In comparing the resulting themes, we found that sorority women were more likely to focus on appearance, but not body objectification. We found that there was no difference between sorority and non-sorority women and their experiences with social pressure.


Presented as part of the Ursinus College Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) held April 22, 2021.

The downloadable file is a poster presentation with audio commentary with a run time of 3:20.


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