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Rebecca Evans

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The migrant crisis continues to affect member states of the European Union (EU) and the EU itself as attempts to expand the membership of the EU have been repeatedly delayed. Scholars have previously examined other crises related to the EU and European integration, but scholars have not as of yet used these European integration theories to explain how the European migrant crisis affects the EU or the enlargement policy. This paper addresses that deficit of scholarship by applying European integration theory to the migrant crisis in order to explain how the migrant crisis affects EU enlargement. I argue that the migrant crisis increased the popularity of far right parties in the EU, which puts more pressure on the centrist governments to adopt more right wing policies including in terms of EU enlargement. The research will use three different countries as case studies: Austria, France, and Germany. This concept that domestic politics, through the portrayal of the migrant crisis, are delaying or preventing EU enlargement raises the question of if the EU enlargement process must be reformed so that it is not used to score political points in domestic politics.