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Pomponio Guzman, Republic of Colombia, Enrique Cortes, Republic of Panama, Columbian revolutionaries, U.S.S. Marietta, St. Andrews Island, Bocas del Toro


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to Pomponio Guzman concerning Colombian revolutionaries operating out of Panama.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Pomponio Guzman

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 110


Washington, D.C.



May 28, 1909.

My dear Mr. Charge d'Affaires:

You will recall that at the beginning of April and at various other times Mr. Cortes told us of a possible effort on the part of Colombian revolutionists to work from Panama as a basis. As it was then promised should be done, the Government of the United States, through the Legation at Panama, placed itself in touch with the Government of Panama upon this subject. With reference to these interviews, and particularly to our conversation day before yesterday, I am happy to give you what late news we have.

You will recall that on April 28th you left at the Department copy of a telegram you had received from your Government wherein it was stated to be within their knowledge that Colombians in Panama were planning an invasion of Cauca and were chartering for the purpose a gunboat. Upon bringing this matter to the notice of the Panaman Government the Legation was able to report to the Department that that Government is in entire accord with the views of the United States as to the correct course in the case of such activities in Panaman territories.

The middle of last month it appeared from a telegram from the legation at Panama that the local authorities at Caloveboras reported Colombian revolutionists led by General Castillo to be coming there en route to Bocas del Toro where it was supposed an attempt would be made to seize a vessel for an expedition against Colombia. At the suggestion of the Government of Panama the U.S.S. MARIETTA was despatched to the scene. Her Commander now reports that he can obtain no confirmation of the above rumor and can only attribute it to the fact that the Colombian schooner Gertrude from Port Limon, Costa Rica, left for St. Andrews Island on May second. The allegations that three Colombian exiles were on board and that of these General Castillo was landed near Bocas del Toro and is now going to David, and that both of the others, General Caballernot and Santo Sam were landed at St. Andrews Island are not susceptible of confirmation.

As you have already been orally informed, the following persons accused of conspiring against the Colombian Government have been arrested at Panama: - Dr. Barcelona Hernandez, Obando Espinosa, Luis Sanchez, Dr. Santiago Rozo, Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Camacho, General Pedro Leon Acosta, and two others of minor importance. The first three have been deported to Chile, and the others will be given a few days time to settle their affairs and will then be sent to Jamaica.

I am glad thus to have been able to give you these facts as showing the cordial co-operation of the United States and Panama to prevent the improper use of the region in question as a basis of hostile action against the friendly Government of Colombia.

I am, my dear Mr. Guzman,

Yours sincerely,


Senor Don Pomponio Guzman,
etc., etc., etc.,
Legation of Colombia.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Pomponio Guzman, May 28, 1909

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