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Gifford Pinchot, Department of Agriculture, Conservation Congress, National Conservation Commission, forestry, forest management


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to Gifford Pinchot concerning the Conservation Congress.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Gifford Pinchot

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 103


Washington, D.C.


May 26, 1909.

My dear Mr. Pinchot:

I am exceedingly sorry you could not wait until I returned to my room. For six or eight weeks I have desired to have a conversation with you on the subject of the projected Conservation Congress. Indeed, such consultation is quite necessary to this Department in its handling of the matter.

We are so full of engagements just at this time, with Congress in session, that it is very hard to take a half an hour for talk unless with a definite appointment. Will you please call me up by telephone in order that you and I may fix a time when you shall not be kept waiting and when I shall get my long sought interview?

Again regretting the waste of your time this morning, which I was quite powerless to prevent, I remain, always,

Yours sincerely,


Gifford Pinchot, Esquire,
Chief Forester,
Department of Agriculture.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Gifford Pinchot, May 26, 1909

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