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Henry Lane Wilson, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Tlahualilo Company, Candelaria, Texas, Chamizal dispute, Division of Latin American Affairs, Bureau of Trade Relations


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Secretary of State to Henry Lane Wilson regarding information and cases that he should know about before arriving to his new position as US Ambassador to Mexico.


Philander C. Knox


Henry Lane Wilson

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-10, Document 12


Washington, D.C.


January 14, 1910.

My dear Mr. Wilson:

I understand that you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the facts of the Tlahualilo case. Before you leave Washington I should like you also to become familiar with the main points of the Candalaria case (see Mr. Clark) and the Mexican boundary affairs, Chamizal, etc. (see Mr. Dennis). Also please discuss with the Bureau of Trade Relations, if you have not already done so, any points in our tariff and commercial relations with Mexico. With regard to our extradition policy with Mexico, the cases where there is a tinge of political offense are so frequent as to be typical and it would repay you to discuss this also with the Solicitors.

I particularly desire you to have the great advantage of reaching your post already familiar with the principal subjects of negotiation between this Government and that of Mexico. Happily, it is now possible for the Department to give its representatives

The Honorable Henry Lane Wilson,
The Shoreham,
Washington, D.C.

- 2 -

this advantage. I would suggest that you make the Division of Latin American Affairs responsible for your overlooking nothing.

I imagine it will require only a few days more for you to accomplish all this.

Yours sincerely,




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Letter From Philander C. Knox to Henry Lane Wilson, January 14, 1910

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