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Mabel Thorp Boardman, American National Red Cross, Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, U.S. Consulate General at Monterrey, Mexico, hurricane, Philip C. Hanna, Charles L. Magee


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Acting Secretary of State Alvey A. Adee to Mabel T. Boardman concerning American Red Cross aid for the flood in Monterrey, Mexico.


Alvey A. Adee


Mabel T. Boardman

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 188


Washington, D.C.


August 31, 1909.

Dear Madam:

Your personal letter of August 30th, addressed to Mr. Huntington Wilson, was received this morning, and as Mr. Wilson is out of town for a few days I take the liberty of making reply.

Upon investigation I find that the circular which you mention as having been considered by Mr. Wilson and yourself some time ago, and referring to the Red Cross and its work, has not yet been sent to the American Embassies and Legations, although it is quite possible that this matter is on Mr. Wilson's calendar of unfinished work.

Our Embassy in Mexico was yesterday wired as follows:
"Inquire if the Mexican Red Cross is assisting flood sufferers and if it desires aid from the American Red Cross."
To this, no reply has as yet been received.

In addition to a despatch dated August 29th from the American Consul General at Monterey, stating that the Association of the American Colony at Monterey request him to appeal through the Department of State and the press to the American people for assistance, and stating that good use would be made of all funds sent to the Consul General, the Department is in receipt of a despatch dated August 30th from Consul General Hanna, as follows:
"Please tell American press flood disaster more terrible than supposed. Twelve hundred estimated dead and fifteen thousand homeless. Rain continues. Terrible suffering must follow. We are doing all we can. Americans contributing should telegraph me their remittances through the banks as there will be no trains and no mails for several days."

Mr. Magee has this morning informed the Department that your Society has appropriated the sum of two thousand dollars for the relief of the sufferers in Monterey, and when received the Department will forward this amount to the Consul General at that place.

I am, my dear Madam,

Very respectfully yours,


Acting Secretary of State.

Miss Mabel T. Boardman,



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Letter From Alvey A. Adee to Mabel T. Boardman, August 31, 1909



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