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Irwin Boyle Laughlin, Mr. Wyon, die making, Department of State stationery, Tiffany's, George Higgins Moses, Richmond Mumford Pearson, Mr. Nathan, Greece


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to Irwin Laughlin concerning seals made for the Department of State at Tiffany's.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Irwin Laughlin

Corresponds to:

Foldr 1-8, Document 146


Washington, D.C.


June 22, 1909.

My dear Laughlin:

When Mr. Wyon's beautiful dies were placed under the microscope of our specialists it was discovered to their horror that the feathers of the eagle were awry in a manner to shock the herald[r]ic mind. They were also good enough to tell me for the first time that the only genuine eagle was the one in the latest departmental seal, a copy of which you had with the paper and gave to Mr. Petherick. So in the end I had twice to send a man to Tiffany's and have the dies done over. Now we have an excellent and complete set and the new stationery both for the diplomatic service and for the Department will be in use from tomorrow. I have had to pay Mr. Wyon his pounds thirty-five, I think it was, out of my own pocket, which was not particularly pleasant. However, I do not believe that I asked you to five him the colored seal as his model. I think, in fact, that my idea was that you should give him the various little models we had from which he could make a good average example. If this is so, we certainly have no claim upon Mr. Wyon, and the whole thing, I dare say, was due to my own carelessness of perhaps to that of the people here who failed to inform me of the seriousness of exactly copying the official seal.

It is getting as hot as blazes here and there is no telling when Congress will adjourn.

Do be as helpful as you can to Mr. Moses, the new Minister. I told him he was lucky to have such a good secretary to start with.

As for your plans, we shall see what can be done between now and Autumn, when I believe it is necessary for you to be in the United States.

With many kind regards, I remain, always,

Very sincerely yours,


Irwin B. Laughlin, Esquire,
American Legation,

P.S.: I am very glad you appreciate Nathan. He is certainly one of the most clever men taken into the consular service in the last three years. Cheer up! You will be in charge some day! I am sorry you were discomforted by Mr. Pearson's awaiting Moses. Meanwhile, picture the extreme activity and heat here and enjoy the calm of the Acropolis.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Irwin B. Laughlin, June 22, 1909

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