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Juan Riano, Jacinto L. Villegas, Peru, Ecuador, Laurits Swenson, Thomas Moffat, Mexico, Hague Court, Melville Fuller, Jorge Montt, Chile, William Howard Taft


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from Huntington Wilson to the Secretary of State concerning the Peru-Ecuador mediation and other recent matters at the Department of State.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Philander C. Knox

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-10, Document 30


Washington, D.C.


July 29, 1910.

Dear. Mr. Secretary:

I enclose copies of letters of yesterday's date to Lima, Villegas and Riano bringing the Peru-Ecuador mediation up to date. Herewith, as rather worth reading, are copies of a despatch from Mr. Swenson, Minister to Switzerland, describing his interview with the President-Elect of Argentine; a doleful despatch from Moffatt at Bluefields and a silly article from a Costa Rican newspaper, - all contributed by the Latin-American Division.

Herewith I send also Mr. Dennis's memorandum in regard to the judges of the Hague Court. You know the death of Chief Justice Fuller makes a vacancy in the representation of the United States. I suppose you will wish to decide with the President upon his successor. A number of names occur to one such as John Bassett Moore, Spooner, Olney, Root. It is a highly honorable appointment which anyone should tremendously appreciate.

Bailey, Secretary of Embassy at Mexico, has been for six or eight months incapacitated for work and is

- 2 -

now at his home in Kentucky. I think it important to keep the staff of that very busy embassy complete. The logical and appropriate man for Secretary in Mexico seems to be Dearing, now Second at London. The vacancy in Second at London could then be filled by the transfer of Harrison, now Second at Peking, who is most anxious to leave China and is said to be remarkably suited for London which Dearing is not; then the Second at Peking could be filled by transferring Whitehouse, now at Caracas, who is very keen for the Far East and is a most promising man. What would you think of this?

President Montt, of Chile, with Mrs. Montt, her sister and a Secretary arrives at New York Thursday morning, August 4th, and sails Tuesday morning August 9th. The present plan is to have Mr. Hale and Mr. Dawson meet them on a tug along with honorary military and naval A. D. C. and remain with them during the visit, - the Government can put them up at the Plaza and take them on a private car to Boston and back and on the Mayflower from Boston to Beverly and back to be presented to and lunch with the President on Saturday, August 6th, or

- 3 -

Sunday, August 7th. Would you care to have them at Valley Forge for luncheon on Friday, August 5th, or Sunday, August 7th, - those dates depending upon the date fixed by the President.

I hope your trip has done you much good, and remain always,

Very sincerely yours,

Huntington Wilson.

The Honorable P. C. Knox,
Valley Forge,




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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Philander C. Knox, July 29, 1910



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