Advances in Teaching Physical Chemistry


Advances in Teaching Physical Chemistry



"This book brings together the latest perspectives and ideas on teaching modern physical chemistry. It includes perspectives from experienced and well-known physical chemists, a thorough review of the education literature pertaining to physical chemistry, a thorough review of advances in undergraduate laboratory experiments from the past decade, in-depth descriptions of using computers to aid student learning, and innovative ideas for teaching the fundamentals of physical chemistry. This book will provide valuable insight and information to all teachers of physical chemistry" -- From the publisher.


Advances in teaching physical chemistry: overview / Mark D. Ellison, Tracy A. Schoolcraft -- What to teach in physical chemistry: is there a single answer? / Gerald R. Van Hecke -- Decisions in the physical chemistry course / Robert G. Mortimer -- Integrating research and education to create a dynamic physical chemistry curriculum / Arthur B. Ellis -- The evolution of physical chemistry courses / Peter Atkins -- Philosophy of chemistry, reduction, emergence, and chemical education / Eric Scerri -- Teaching and learning physical chemistry: a review of education research / Georgios Tsaparlis -- Modern developments in the physical chemistry laboratory / Samuel A. Abrash -- Existence of a problem-solving mindset among students taking quantum mechanics and its implications / David E. Gardner, George M. Bodner -- Physical chemistry curriculum: into the future with digital technology / Theresa Julia Zielinski -- "Partial derivatives: are you kidding?": teaching thermodynamics using virtual substance / Chrystal D. Bruce, Carribeth L. Bliem, John M. Papanikolas -- Molecular-level simulations as a chemistry teaching tool / Jurgen Schnitker -- Introduction of a computational laboratory into the physical chemistry curriculum / Roseanne J. Sension -- The effects of physical chemistry curriculum reform on the American chemical society DivCHED physical chemistry examinations / Richard W. Schwenz -- Walking the tightrope: teaching the timeless fundamentals in the context of modern physical chemistry / Michelle M. Francl -- The process oriented guided inquiry learning approach to teaching physical chemistry / J.N. Spencer, R.S. Moog -- Teaching physical chemistry: let's teach kinetics first / James M. LoBue, Brian P. Koehler -- Fitting physical chemistry into a crowded curriculum: a rigorous one-semester physical chemistry course with laboratory / HollyAnn Harris.



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Advances in Teaching Physical Chemistry