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Johann Adam Eyer (1755-1837)

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Pen and ink page from Vorschrift Büchlein with fraktur lettering on top line, script verse and alphabet beneath.

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7 7/8 x 6 1/4

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20 x 16


Ink on laid paper


Hand lettered


Writing exercise document (Vorschrift)

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Johannes Dettur, Johannes DeTurck, Jhan. Dedirck, Jhai Decker


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Ursinus College Library Special Collections and the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art


Pennsylvania Folklife Society


Fraktur lettering, German script




Angenehme Taube die der väter glaube Längste gesehen hat/Lassen Dich Hernieder Hier sind Christi Glieder hier ist/Gottes Stadt[.] Halde Rast Erwünster Gast, In den herzen/Die Verlangen, Dich jetzt und Empfangen

V2. Setze/Dich auf Jeden und laß deinen früden Üeber Alle seÿn/Wie du dich erhebest. Auf dem wasser schwebest, So/keherst beÿ uns Ein Zeigt uns hier das öl=blat für[,] als/Ein Höchstes=Erwünstes Zeichen, daß die fluden weichen

V.3. Was du trägest im Munde Zeigt vom Friedens=bunde/Der Aufs neue Grünt[.] die in Noah Kasten, als im Kercker/Rasten Sind mit Gott versund[.] Sturm und fluth nicht/Schaden thut kirch und arche Schwimmen oben bey der welen toben/


Pleasant dove, which the father [Noah] wanted to believe for a long time he had seen, Let yourself down here, here are Christian members, Here is the city of God. Stop and rest yourself, desired guest, in the hearts that desire you now and receive [you].

V[erse] 2. Sit yourself on each one and let your joy be over all, as when you soar up. Hover on the water, thus return to us, show us here the olive leaf, as a most-desired sign, that the floods are retreating.

V[erse] 3. What you carry in your mouth testifies to [the] peaceful covenant that greens up anew. Those in Noah’s ark, as in the dungeon rest, are with God (?). Storm and flood did no harm, church and ark swim above during the rage of the waves.


Johan Adam Eyer, one of the more influential and prominent fraktur artists, was born to Lutheran parents but taught in numerous Mennonite schools, beginning in Hilltown township, Bucks County in 1779. Eyer produced numerous types of fraktur, among them the Vorschrift Büchlein as seen here. These booklets usually measured about 8 x 6 inches, and were four pages with a decorative cover. The first page was a colorful title page, followed by a page with a hymn on it. Next was a page with a hymn or religious verse at the top with the alphabet beneath, followed by a fourth page with more verse. This piece would be the third page in such a booklet. Although none of the other pages remain with this piece, the probable title page to this booklet is also still extant in a private collection. That title page, inscribed for “Isaac Detirck,” features a large central heart, along with numerous colorful flowers, birds, a trumpeting angel, and a pair of mermaids.




Weiser, Frederick S. “I A E S D: The Story of Johann Adam Eyer, Schoolmaster and Fraktur Artist” in Ebbes fer Alle-Ebber, Ebbes fer Dich: Something for Everyone—Something for You (Breinigsville, PA: The Pennsylvania German Society, 1980). Vol. 14. pp. 437-439, 449.

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fraktur, Pennsylvania German, Pennsylvania Dutch, folk art, illuminated manuscript, writing exercise


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