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Paper- Restricted to Campus Access



Faculty Mentor

Meghan Brodie


Presented during the 23rd Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 23, 2021 at Ursinus College.

Project Description

My project was created to answer the following questions: What are the indispensable nuts and bolts of playwriting? To what styles and techniques am I drawn as a playwright and why? How does the work of other playwrights inform and inspire my own creative writing? To find out the answers, I read and analyzed other playwrights' work to explore the various ways in which plays can be written. What I discovered has helped me in writing a play of my own and will influence how I write plays in the future. I have ensured that my reading list includes a variety of playwrights, including both women and people of color, writing during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. My goal was to finish writing my play, which is a continuation of a project started in Fall 2020 and create an annotated bibliography of every play I’ve read during Summer Fellows. The annotated bibliography details what I found useful in different plays and playwriting manuals, as well as why I think certain styles or practices do or do not work for me. My work culminated in a complete rough draft of my play, an annotated bibliography of my reading, and a response paper.


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