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Student Art Exhibition Year



Watercolor painting depicting an imagined landscape in front of the Myrin Library building on the Ursinus College campus. The painting measures 54 x 74 cm.

Purchased from the Ursinus College Student Art Exhibition for the permanent Library collection.


Copyright of the underlying work is held by the artist. The digital image presented here is for educational purposes only and is not for commercial use.


Artist statement:

"One of the frequently revisited CIE questions is 'What is our role in the universe and how do we fit into it?' This, and my personal interest in space, was what inspired 'The Myrin System.' As students walk across campus and frequent trips to the Library they will see the planets and perhaps think about their own place in the universe. Because the planets are located right in front of the Library, they are one of the first things someone would see when they walk through the main Ursinus gate, and because of their size, they will be hard to ignore. The sculptures also have practical uses. These sculptures will be painted very bright and vibrant colors to draw further attention, and the planet Earth will have push pins in it so people can put the pins in the countries and continents that they have been to. Students can also use these planets to sit by and read or study. No trees or bushes will need to be uprooted to complete this project, because the planets will be able to fit on the stretch of grass in front of the Library. Lastly, the Physics Department at this school is underrepresented, and usually becomes overshadowed by the Chemistry and Biology Departments, and these planets are a good way to highlight the Physics programs here.

Library Location

2nd Floor


student art, 2019, watercolor painting, ink on paper, Myrin Library, planets

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