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This letter from Sue Leinbach, Ursinus College Class of 1950, congratulates Eleanor Snell on the occasion of her retirement from Ursinus College and remarks on Eleanor's kindness, patience and sportsmanship.

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Reading, Pennsylvania




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[Reading, Penna.]

[Dear Miss Snell,]

[My letter is one of the late ones but I did not want to miss the chance to express my gratitude to you on the occasion of your retirement from active service to the girls of Ursinus.]

[I have always felt myself one of the least of "Snell's Belles," but certainly not because of your attitude toward or interest in me. I will always remember you as one of the special persons who helped turn a provincial, unsure Berks County "Dutchman" into a person willing to tackle any job because she had been given the confidence that she could do it. You have no idea how I felt when I discovered that my athletic ability and knowledge were so far behind the other girls, but over the years you were so kind and helpful that I left Ursinus with a greater feeling of being an individual than I had ever felt before. (You know, being the youngest of twelve children isn't exactly conducive to building that kind of feeling).]

[I remember so many of the "fun" things about Ursinus - the Blue Packard; the cocker spaniels; the fast! rides to wherever we were going; and especially those softball games. I really enjoyed those games - but oh, that clinic in which I missed so many ground balls when you were trying to show how it should be done. Your patience with me at that time has always come to my mind when one of my girls starts to boot the ball around. Your influence of good sportsmanship must have rubbed off, too. In a league where coaches fight with each other and the officials and the girls occasionally get out of hand, Wilson is always complimented for its sportsmanship. My thanks for that. Any compliments I may receive on that account belong to you, too.]

[Again, my humble thanks for all you've done for me, and my very best wishes to you in your retirement.]


[Sue Leinbach]

Letter From Sue Leinbach to Eleanor Snell



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