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Spring 2019


Inside this Issue:

What's New?

Brief History of Ursinus

What Our Newest Students are Saying

What are "They" Saying?

Vanguard Field Trip

2019 Fund Performance

Looking Forward

Fundraising & Gallery


The following students contributed to the creation of this newsletter:

Isaac Abrams, Jorge Arrisueno, Hakan Atillasoy, Thomas Bantley, Shelby Boyle, Michael Buck, Timothy Carroll, Kayin Chambers, Liam Close, Paul Cottam, Zachary Crebbin, Samantha Crossan, Brendan Cummins, Christian D'Ascenzo, Kevin Devlin, Jarret DiGiantomasso, Zachary Dole, Kareem Elghawy, George Gordon, Jonathan Guba, Jack Hendricks, Tyler Lelii, Johnathan Myers, Gary Nagle, Jacob O'Neill, Lucas Olshevski, George Psaradakis, Daan Slaats, Elvi Sopiqoti, Matthew Williams, Parker Wolf, Timothy Yarosh, Chenyu Yin



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