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Spring 2020


Inside this issue:

Letter from Professor Scott Deacle

Letter from Johnny Myers '19

At a Glance

Investment Strategies

Endowment at Work


Investment Performance

Endowment Fund Outlook

Stock Selection Fund Picks

Our Team


How to Contribute


The following students contributed to the creation of this newsletter:

Hakan Atillasoy, Joshua Belder, Kyle Blaze, Harrison Bonanny, Zachery Brink, Michael Buck, Matthew Byrnes, Jeremy Calabro, Christian D'Ascenzo, Alexander Dean, Kareem Elghawy, Timothy Foley, Nicholas Galbraith, Zachary Goss, Jacob Kang, Seongchan Kim, Michael Knudson, Brett Korn, Yu Wendy Luo, Michael Magargee, Joseph Mercurio, Lucas Olshevski, George Psaradakis, Thomas Reinhart, Stephen Schoenborn, Kevin Travis, Ian Vogt, Peyton Vostenak, Liam White, Parker Wolf.



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