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farms, apple butter, barns, Chester County, The Cultivator, The Genesee Farmer


Handwritten notes copied from The Cultivator and The Genesee Farmer, transcribed by Alfred L. Shoemaker, dating circa 1841 to 1859. The notes detail various articles describing the farms and farm buildings of Pennsylvania, particularly the barns. The notes also describe the process of making apple butter.

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The Cultivator of Oct. 1841, p. 164: Notes of a Traveler in Ohio - Great Barn, etc. by T. C. P.:

“We have been riding all day among villages and rich looking farms, in as lovely a farming country as the sun shines upon. Large Pennsylvania barns, extensive fields, numerous herds, and landscapes of unrivaled beauty, met on admiring eyes at almost every turn.”

Feb 1842: A Pennsylvania Barn

P. Falconer Warren Co. Pa,

Oct 1852, p. 344: Chester County Barn

Description of double decker

Jan 1852. p 48: Farming in Pennsylvania

“Barns - In that part of Pennsylvania through which we pass, the barns are generally built of stone. They consist of two stories, the lower of which is divided into apartments for horses and cattle, and the upper is appropriated to the storage of hay, grain, etc … the large doors are on the side, and teams with loads reach the floor of the second story by means of a bank or wharf made for the purpose.

Jan. 1858 pp. 16-17: Chester County Barn overshot

The Genesee Farmer Aug 1847, p. 188-189: Description and illustrations of a Pennsylvania Barn. p. 188: “The high degree of perfection which agriculture has attained in Pennsylvania, compared with some other portions of the Union, has been commented upon by travellers from Europe as well as from every section of our country. Perhaps there is no particular feature which more distinctly indicates that perfection than the farm buildings - certainly there is nothing which more forcibly attracts the stranger’s eye on entering within the bounds of that State.”---

Jan 1855, p. 15-16: Farming in Eastern Pennsylvania

“Apple butter is made by boiling apples and cider together from 5 to 7 or 8 hours; in that time it begins to thicken, and when reduced to the required consistency is taken from the fire and placed in earthen pots for winter consumption. In former times, and perhaps now to some extent, boiling apple butter is, like our old Yankee apple-paring and husking bees, made the occasion of family gatherings among the young people of both sexes in a community.”

Jan 1859 p. 12-14: Plan of a Side Hill Barn For Cattle, Horses, and Sheep by B. F. Bertolet

overshot door

“The doors may be left open by having bars across the door-ways.”



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Notes on Barns and Apple Butter From The Cultivator and The Genesee Farmer, 1841-1859



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