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A hand-written letter from G. C. Kershner addressed to Alfred L. Shoemaker, dated September 15, 1949. Within, Kershner writes to provide a humorous story surrounding a husband and wife during the night of falling stars in 1833. He also includes some Pennsylvania Dutch riddles.


George C. Kershner


Alfred L. Shoemaker

Corresponds to:

Packet 12-10


Berne Township, Pennsylvania


Berne Pa Sept. 15, 1949

Dr. A. L. Shoemaker

Lancaster Pa

Dear sir:

You will find Ans to your Question on reference to Mawachner and Miller families as I found them in cemetery and record book of St. Michaels Church West of Berne in Tilden Twp.

I also have a short story of the Penna Dutch couple living in Berks County during the falling of Stars in 1833. The conversation went as follows.

Der dady un the Mommie sin uf der speuler un han ready gamoch for ins bed. Don guck the Mommie sun fenster und sagt tsun daddy. I dody guch mol now the stana fum himmel sin om Duma folla. Do spring der daddy the steak munner gait mons ons hoof gute un gork in the luft ur saint the stanna runna folla un vart arick bouk un grest sooth the Mommy war om speicher fenster stayd bring schwind the Bibel rons. Done sagt the mummy auch to veast dody us meir gen bivel hen don sagt der daddy clem bring snell der Lancaster County Kallaner

Pls Correct the spelling

In short (lengthen to your taste): Father and Mother went upstairs to get ready to go to bed. Mother looks out and said the stars are falling. Father runs downstairs and out to the lawn gate look up and sees the stars coming faster. He got afraid and call mother to bring the Bible that the world was coming to an end. Mother answered Father you know that we have no Bible in our house. So he answered Then quick bring the Lancaster County Almanac

(Over) Yours G. C. Kershner


1. Vas is oft gefuma woe es net? ans Fellar

What is often found where it is not? ans Fault

2. Was is immer humer drau? ans Fellar

What is always in the back? ans Faults

3. Was geut fort the sun un macht ken shaddo? ans der wind

What goes in the sun and has no shadow? Wind

4. Har was is an mon we ein spell = ans Sei kupf hotten as are vet weider gept

Why is a man like a pin? ans His head keeps him that he does not go any further

5. Vas hud over un connet senard?

What has eyes and cannot see = Potato

6. Wee kunst on set slee grein for nix?

How can you get a set of teeth for free? Kick a bulldog

7. Yar was is on buch hondle rvee an hinkel?

Why is a book dealer like a chicken? Ans He must scratch to make a living

8. Vas iss es best word on en weibsmench?

What is the best word of a woman? Ans Last word

9. Voss is immer kinner seitz?

What is always behind time? Ans The lid of a watch.

10. Vos wincher mei su hova over froveir for ess los she varra?

We wish to have but the same time we try to get rid of it. Good Appetite

Excuse bum spelling of Dutch

Yours G. C. Kershner


English and Pennsylvania German

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Letter From G. C. Kershner to Alfred L. Shoemaker, September 15, 1949



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