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Amish, The Lancaster Intelligencer, Peter Muhlenberg, corn husking party, Intercourse, Noah Fisher


A set of handwritten excerpts from the Lancaster Intelligencer newspaper composed by Alfred L. Shoemaker, dated originally from September 11 and October 25, 1894. The first note concerns a nickname given to Peter Muhlenberg by a Hessian regiment while the second details an Amish corn husking party held on a farm near Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

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Packet 91-18


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


The Lancaster Intelligencer

Sept 11, 1894. “There was Peter Muhlenberg, too… you remember that some years earlier his father had sent him to Germany to be educated, but he ran away from school and joined a Hessian regiment. His father soon secured his release, but while he was with the soldiers they gave him the nickname of ‘Teufel Piet’. At Germantown it so happened that he led a charge against his old Hessian regiment, and when they saw him coming they recognized him, and crying, ‘Dort kommt der Teufel Piet’, they turned and ran.”

Oct 25, 1894 Intercourse: An Amish husking party was held on the farm of Noah Fisher, about one and a half miles went of Intercourse, along the Old Road, on Tuesday afternoon. There were seventy-two husking corn, besides those throwing down shocks, tying fodder and hauling in corn. They husked six hundred and fifty shocks of corn before the sun went down. Then all went to the house, where a table was bountifully spread. Ninety-five persons partook of supper. Afterwards the young folks went to the barn where they enjoyed themselves at various games till midnight, when they all went to their houses well pleased with the festivities.”



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Account of an Amish Husking Party and Note on Peter Muhlenberg



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