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Pietro Andrea Mattioli, Herbals, blood root, nose bleeding, plants, Hieronymus Bock


A handwritten set of notes compiled by Raymond E. Hollenbach, dating from circa 1950. Hollenbach reviews entries from the Herbal books of German and Italian botanists related to the Blutkraut plant.

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Lysimachia purpurea, a European plant with red or purple stem, closely related to Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachica vulguris) common in Penna.

Mattiolus (Herbal - Frankfurt 1586) says “Das kraut in die nasen oder auff die Wunden gelegt stopffet das lauffen desz Bluts.“

The same book also calls

Blitum rubrum (common name Red Goosefoot) Blutkraut. This is also a European plant but is also common in the U.S. A closely related plant is Blitum Bonus-Henricus, or Good King Henry. Blitum rubrum is also called Roter Meyer by Mattiolus, and among other things he says “Desz roten Meyers samen eingenommen ist gut wider die rote Ruhr und abrige Husse der Weiker”. He says nothing about nose bleed.

Hieronymous Bock (Herbal 1542) calls Attriplex sylvestris, probably Atriplex rosea common name Red Orache - a European plant now common as a weed in Penna. - Blutkraut or Mist Mitten.

Bock was born at Heiderbach in Zweibrucken, and next to Fabernaemontanus his Herbal is the best Herbal of the Palatinate. According to Bock almost any plant with red leaves or red stems was called Blutkraut, but he says Attriplex sylvestris is “das recht Blutkraut. As other Blutkrauter he mentions Tormentil, Deschelkraut and Weggrasz. He does not mention nose bleed but among other things says “Das roht Blutkraut welches der gestallt halben ein Mist Mitten geschlecht ist wurt von ettichen Weibern zu der rothen Ruhr gebraucht soll das Blut stillen.


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Blutkraut Notes



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