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Ben Fisher, birth mark, bruise salve, Paradise, Amos Ayers, Pennsylvania Dutch dialect


A handwritten letter from Ben Fisher addressed to Alfred L. Shoemaker, dating from circa 1950. Within, Fisher writes to describe a peculiar birthmark his daughter possesses that he believes is correlated to bruise salve her mother used on her throat.


Ben Fisher


Alfred L. Shoemaker

Corresponds to:

Packet 690-32 to 690-33


Paradise, Pennsylvania


Ben Fisher


Box 14

phone Stras 5783.

Could you translate a palas geraman letter. If so say yes or no on next Sunday B E.

This is another one. In 1925, a negro, 6 ft 4, pot gutted man threatened father in law, and shot Amos Ayers (who is still alive) with a 32 rev. now this looked very fearful. This took place in April and in Nov. a son was [born] with a double body but face and limbs were normal the child was 2 ft long 6 inches thick.

I also heard of a young woman that looked out of the window and saw a young negro. Later she had a negro baby.

But not because she was afraid but she left him in for a cup of coffee. Er huts uf dar fals greckt he got it on the neck that is what we always said for jilted

Ben Fisher

Take it or leave it.

I was married Dec 1921 Mary was born Oct 12 1932. Now my wife had an inside throat ailment, Dr. Keeler gave us a purpleish black salve to use on the outside um der slukker rum.

Around the gizzard or under [illegible] lets say 1 in width and 3 inches across this looked like a bruise she often talks about it.

As she put it on and also when we went away and it could not be washed off.

Mary went to my daughter’s wedding in Minn. 1950 staid 2 years and since then in Santa [Barbara] Calif.

If you ever meet her you will see that same bruise or salve mark that showed on her mother be she was born.


English and Pennsylvania German

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Letter From Ben Fisher to Alfred L. Shoemaker



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