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barns, soil, farms, architecture, thatched roofs, livestock


Handwritten notes copied by Alfred L. Shoemaker from The Manchester Union newspaper of October 26, 1889. The article prints excerpts of Governor Steel's journal as he journeys from Philadelphia to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and comments on the quality of the barns and farm lands in the region.

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p. 223-4 Manchester N.H. Union extract of Gov. Steel’s Journal of October 26 [1889] 40 years ago.

“The lands between Philadelphia and Chambersburg are of a most excellent quality, principally a clay soil, with a plentiful supply of limestone, which I supposed is the best ameliorator of such soils. Though we passed rapidly over the country, it was plain to be seen that good care has been given to the soil and its improvements. The buildings, particularly the large stone barns, the fine cattle and horses, all denote not only a rich soil, but industrious and thriving farmers. It is no uncommon sight to see a splendid and spacious stone barn, with green blinds to its windows, belonging to the occupant of a log cabin. To me, at least, it is a novelty to see most of the buildings, whether of wood, brick or stone, thatched or covered with straw instead of shingles or slate. I am told that a well thatched roof will last at least twenty years, but the fear of fire would keep me from using such combustible material, especially when shingles can be so easily procured.”

"three brothers”

nursery couplet

”One flew east and one flew west, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Death of Samuel Hensel Zahn Feb 5, 1893.

America Historical Association meeting in Washington.

Dec 28, 1894 paper read: Pennsylvania – Germans: Their Language, Manners, History, and Customs. By S. M. Sener, of Lancaster, Pa.

p. 64 The Horseshoe Superstition.

Marshe Journal

p. 173 “Shoo fly” – original poem as written by Mr. Harry Macarthy in 1865.

p. 181 The Deaner Apple

p. 187 Great is Pow-wow

Dr. Rathman in Examiner of June 28, 1889



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Notes From Governor Steel's Journal as Printed in the Manchester New Hampshire Union of October 26, 1889



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