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cabbage, baked beans, Fleetwood, humor, riddles, jokes, Pennsylvania Dutch dialect


A handwritten letter from William Buffenmoyer Sr. addressed to Alfred L. Shoemaker, dating from circa 1957. Within, Buffenmoyer provides several humorous anecdotes and riddles about an elephant, baked beans, and an old wedding photograph.


William Buffenmoyer Sr.


Alfred L. Shoemaker

Corresponds to:

Packet 21-3 to 21-4


Fleetwood, Pennsylvania


Jan. 8, 1957

Mr. Sumon [Shoemaker]

An old woman never saw an elephant so one day there was one in her cabbage patch picking of the leaves and eating them. She goes home tells the Old man there is an insect in our cabbage patch picks the leaves off with its Tail and sticks it in the Arse. Des is aur an unkziffer on unserm graud. Stick des rup de Bladder aux mit am Schwanz un steck se in dar Aarch was drawa all de lide uf dar spicher un rammes nimmy runner drawa 's an Stinker

A young couple went to a movie her family was rich his family was Poor. As they sat watching the picture he says to her what is that that smells so good. She said that is perfume $10.00 a bottle. After while she said to him what is that funny smell he said that’s baked beans 10 cents a can

What goes up stairs on his head? A shoe nail

Re raw ripple gale is dar zipple schwate is as loch wa mar dar. Re Raw Ripple drin kocht an Apple Butter kettle

A girl had poor parents. She came out saw how other people have there homes so one day she said to her mom you should fix up your house once. This old furniture old carpets and that old wedding picture on the wall you are standing and pop is sitting

Mom said now wait a minute that picture was taken day after the wedding pop was too tired to stand and I was too sore to sit down.

Was da hell is an dangle Stuck

Wollich loch Flaishy Zoppa. Hope os Boy. unf un Los nie shnopa

Put on a woolen Stocking

Wm Buffenmoyer Sr.

Fleetwood Pa

R3 B26

Hope you can read my German writing.


Likely indexed by Shoemaker on January 8, 1957.


English and Pennsylvania German

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Letter From William Buffenmoyer Sr. to Alfred L. Shoemaker



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