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West Chester Local News, attic, bears, chestnuts, scrapple, floors


A set of handwritten notes from the West Chester Local News and other sources, transcribed by Alfred L. Shoemaker. Within, a range of topics are covered, including a story about a bear and going to market in Philadelphia.

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Packet 95-20 to 95-21


West Chester Local News

J. Ploughshare - Sept. 11, 1875

“Yes, when we were young, our good old grandmothers went to Philadelphia market in a “Go-Cart”, or on horseback, with the old leather wallets that hung in the garret to carry their butter or eggs in.”

11-10, 1875 And do you remember how, after roasting our chestnuts in hot ashes, and eating them, and a half peck of apples, we would persuade old Sambo to tell us stories of his early days, how he used to live in a queer bark hut in Africa…”

Dec 15, 1875 [what his grandmother told that his grandfather told]

One day when quite small they, with their mother, had been left alone at home unsuspicious of danger from any source. All at once their mother became conscious of the approach of an unwelcome visitor in the shape of a large bear. Springing to the door, she had barely time to fasten the lower half of the old fashioned double door, before Bruin had his paws on top of it with his ugly muzzle peering into the kitchen over it. Slamming the upper half of the door in his face, and catching his paws between the two doors, she held them with all her strength; Calling on the little boys to bring her the axe, not being able to find this they brought her a rolling pin, with which she so belabored his paws that he was glad to withdraw them.

The settlers often having to go long distances to what were called Tub Mills, the only kind then in use ___

12-31-1878 Directly in came farmer Jones with a great turkey in one hand, and a basket full of sausage and scrapple in the other.

[Letter of Jennie Cheerful to J. Ploughshare]

3-29-1879 First time strawberries in Co - [illegible] farm about half a century ago

Agr. file

First mowing machine in Chester County 1822

Dr. Reed Pa. Agr. Prior to 1775 History 506

10-20-1873 Copy on Pa Barn

7-1-1879 “There were no carpets then to be removed from the floor; but every housewife took a pride in having her floors clean and white. The floor of the ‘best room’ was often ornamented with pewter sand in the form of stars, birds, and beasts.”

The days of Auld Lang Syne Alexander Hamilton


Story Cow

“Crumpled horns and [illegible] for the hollow horn with a spike gimlet

Davy Ishtuk Allentown Call



From the Lancaster Free Press

Jest about singing-master



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Notes From West Chester Local News and Other Sources, 1813-1879



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