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New Holland Clarion, April Fool, potter, milk, market, school


A set of handwritten, copied notes from the New Holland Clarion, transcribed by Alfred L. Shoemaker. The notes cover a range of topics including the price of flour, the storage of milk in clay crocks and school children passing notes on April Fool's Day.

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New Holland Clarion

Feb 5, 1898 Local Rem. By J. W. S.[heaffer] Sterling, Ill.

We recollect very distinctly the interest that centered around the returning teamster from Philadelphia market. When he proudly drove his six-horse team into the home yard, dismounted from the saddle horse, and replied to the eager inquiries as to the price of flour, if it was $4.50 or $5 the consumer’s mind was easy, while higher rates were alarming.

Feb 12, 1898 On milk

The potter was largely dependent on the cow for life is his industry. All milk was stored in gallon crocks. These frail vessels, made from porous clay, were glazed inside, leaving the outside natural clay, were baked in the potter’s kiln, and when the stuff had fluxed the fires were withdrawn, and the crock when cooled was ready for market… the convenient method of accomplishment was to turn the crock upside down over the end of a picket fence, which sooner or later resulted in a bottomless crock. To the potter this sight was always pleasing…

June 11, 1898 Death of tramp. “He frequently appeared in the neighborhood of Martindale, where he was known as ‘Soap’ Charley because he lugged a great deal of soap. He always kept his person and clothing very clean.

Nov. 19, 1898 A School Rem. [in New Holland in 1889] Excellent on April Fool

As I said before, it was the 1st of April. As you know, the passing of notes in school is almost universally forbidden, but behold, at the other side of the room I saw a note passing from desk to desk. As each one read it he or she, as the case might be, became convulsed with silent laughter. I watched the proceeding for some time out of the corners of my eyes, and then while still listening to the work of the class reciting, I edged my way toward the end of the row of seats along which the note was moving. As it approached one of the pupils near me I suddenly held out my hand for the note. It was placed in my hand UPSIDE DOWN. I walked over to my desk, lifted the lid and dropped the note into it. The laughing stopped and I forgot all about the note until the noon hour. All the pupils had gone and I went to the desk to put away some papers and lock it, when imagine my surprise and merriment as I saw the note right side up staring me in the face: PASS THIS ALONG. The one that gets it last is an APRIL FOOL.”

J. L. Shroy



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Notes From the New Holland Clarion, 1898



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