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Terry Winegar

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Brent Mattingly

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Christian Rice

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Kneia DaCosta

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Research revolving around Sense of Place or connections to Place is a uniquely chaotic area of study. It is understood that these connections to places have many concrete outcomes like environmental stewardship or relative comfort in a location. However, little is known about what individual characteristics predict strong connections to places. In this study, Object Attachment (via the OASM), sentimentality (Kama Muta Frequency Scale), Belongingness (via SOBI), Animistic Thinking and Development (IDEA) are posited to have connections to sense of place, measured using the Five Dimensions of Place Attachment. The analysis primarily consisted of regression models, which supported previous research along the lines of rural, urban, and suburban connections. The predictive models also found evidence of sentimentality, animism, and belongingness playing a role in connection to place on a variety of dimensions. My findings also indicate that development plays a key role in how people connect to places, and what types of places. The implications of these findings have many applications, both in the real world and theoretical landscape.