This is a collection of items originating from the Office of the President of Ursinus College from its founding to the present day.

Ursinus College Presidents:

John Henry Augustus Bomberger   1869-1890
Henry William Super   1890-1891
George W. Williard    1891-1892
Henry William Super    1892-1893
Henry Thomas Spangler   1893-1904
David Whetstone Ebbert    1904-1905
Albert Edwin Keigwin    1907-1912
George Leslie Omwake    1912-1936
Norman Egbert McClure    1936-1958
Donald Lawrence Helfferich    1958-1970
William Schuyler Pettit    1970-1976
Richard Paul Richter    1976-1994
John Strassburger    1995-2010
John E. F. Corson    2010-2011
Bobby Fong    2011-2014
Lucien “Terry” Winegar    2014-2015
S. Brock Blomberg    July 1, 2015-


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