Manipulating Atoms, Real and Simulated, With Software

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Physics & Astronomy

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Thomas Carroll

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Evan Dryfoos

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Briana Strickland


Presented during the 21st Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 19, 2019 at Ursinus College.

This project was supported by a National Science Foundation grant (PHY-1607335).

Project Description

Solar is a program that automates submission of jobs to Slurm, a Supercomputer queueing system. Solar is a program written in Python that automatically generates more Python code from a simple configuration text file. This makes Solar very useful to those who need to submit many jobs to a Supercomputer and those with limited coding experience. Additionally, Solar also takes away the hassle of manually having to change each job's parameters before submission to a Supercomputer. Solar makes use of Slurm for job submissions to our Supercomputer but can be easily adapted to your choice of queueing system.

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