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• Pennsylvania's Plain Garb
• Ai, Ai, Ai, and a Bottle of Whatever
• Eagle Date Boards
• The Continental Log House
• Waffles and Wafers
• Folk Festival Program
• Witch Tales from Adams County
• Fianna the Dunkard

Publication Date

Summer 1962


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Folklife Society, Inc.


Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania German, Pennsylvania Dutch, costume, clothing, bonnet, Ephrata, Moravian, bottles, tea, drinks, mugs, drinking, folk art, date boards, eagles, Montgomery County, log house, architecture, waffle making, wafer making, waffle-hexes, recipe, cookery, cooking, waffle irons, Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival program, pageant, Adams County, Charles Franklin Eckert, witch, witchcraft, folktales, powwowing, Brethren, dialect, memoir, Dunkard, Grandmother Fianna, nut "mooshey", leb cake, bag pudding, half moons




American Art and Architecture | American Material Culture | American Studies | Christian Denominations and Sects | Cultural History | Ethnic Studies | Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts | Folklore | Genealogy | German Language and Literature | Historic Preservation and Conservation | History of Religion | Linguistics | Social and Cultural Anthropology



Managing: Dr. Alfred L. Shoemaker

Associate: Dr. Don Yoder


Antiques: Dr. Earl F. Robacker


XVIII Century: Henry J. Kauffman

Contemporary: Olive G. Zehner

Design: LeRoy Gensler

Folklore: Rev. Thomas R. Brendle

Food: Edna Eby Heller

Genealogy: Frederick Weiser

Music: Dr. J. William Frey

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