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Media & Communication Studies


Jennifer Fleeger

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Abigail Kluchin

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Anthony Nadler

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Lynne Edwards

Project Description

This project is a study of nonbinary identity and the ways in which nonbinary individuals find validation from nonbinary communities, cisgender friends and family members, and themselves. It advances a theory of “microaffirmations,” or small acts that can have a large, positive impact on nonbinary individuals, with a significant focus on humor, language, and other forms of communication. Research for this project was conducted through a series of personal interviews with friends and families, as well as analyzing the author’s own experiences as a nonbinary individual. These interviews and experiences are filtered through lenses of feminist theory, trans theory, and phenomenology, as well as scientific studies of gender and trans identity.

Podcast Episode 1.docx (22 kB)
A podcast episode corresponding to the first chapter of the project

Podcast Episode 2.mp3 (30604 kB)
A podcast episode corresponding to the second chapter of the project

Episode 3.mp3 (29875 kB)
A podcast episode corresponding to the third chapter of the project