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Media & Communication Studies


Dr. Anthony Nadler

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Dr. Magda Konieczna

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Dr. Louise Woodstock

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Dr. John Spencer

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Dr. Louise Woodstock

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At its core, the goal of journalism is to provide the necessary information to its public to promote democratic participation. Within this sphere, the work of college newspapers is to provide this public service to a university audience. However, as professional newspapers struggle to survive rapidly changing conditions in the industry, college newspapers are assuming responsibility for news that once fell strictly under the jurisdiction of commercial news organizations. As these mutually-influencing transformations occur, academics and media scholars alike are questioning whether college newspapers are structurally capable of handling the responsibilities of a professional newspaper and if so, how existing limitations may be overcome. This research examines the ways that college newspapers have been impacted by the changes in the journalism industry, whether these publications are able to adequately support a weakened commercial press, and how these shifts are apparent at the local and hyperlocal levels.

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