The Lantern Literary Magazines, 1933 to Present


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Jenna Lozzi, Ursinus College
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One Thousand and One is Never Enough • House on Hazel Ave. • Crooked Men at Crooked Alley • Home • Honeybee • The Witch's Daughter • Traveling to Reyu • December 31st, 2019 • The Dominator Rolls the Dice Again • Red Flowers • Military Ball • Drowning in Color • Early Bird • Introspection • Hot Water • Reaching Into Space • Floating Marigolds Before COVID-19 • Smokestack 4 • Longing • His Fifth Year on Amstel Road • Wonderful Moments • Clean Glass • Betty, the Debutante • Teakettles Have it Easy • Fuimos, Somos y Seramos Parte de la Historia de la Isla • Kitchen Table • She Couldn't • Cooling Down • Not so Precious Stones • Domestic Wild • Violet Eater • I Will be Sweet • Flavor of Life • Clogged Artery • All Twenty-Six • The Greatest • From Ashes of War to Golden Cities • A Good Thing • Introduction • Devotion • Life of the Gambler • Impressions: Or a Dining Table's Soliloquy • Looking Glass • Montgomery Pie • Under the Hill • Paperback Lesbian • Girl With Pearl Earring • Your Mirror • Jacket • Illusions • Strawberry Girl (Raw Sugar, Shattered Glass) • I Don't Jam With Instagram • The Morning After Saturday • A Brisk Monday Morning • Emergence • Politeness and Pattern Recognition • Douglas Adams' Guide to Florida • A Love Story With Femininity • Roots • Dysmorphia III

Publication Date

Spring 2021


Collegeville, Pennsylvania


Ursinus College


Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Lantern, literary magazine, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual arts


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Nonfiction | Poetry


Editor: Adam Mlodzinski

Section Editors: Julian Barocas, Liam Worcheck, Sarah Buck, Jenna Lozzi

Production Editor: Sam Ernst

Faculty Advisor: Jon Volkmer

The Lantern, 2020-2021



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