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The Treasure Buried in Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park • High Cards on the Low River • Sestina of a Vagina left in the microwave too long • Keeps on Tripping • The Auction • Nuclear Meltdown on Seedship C5B.6 • Cock Fight • An Interview with God • Minimum Wage • Star-Crossed Lovers • Romeo Echo Alpha • PM Entertainment, or Action Beats • The Gospel of Aggregates • Hel Hath no Fury • Crossing the Line • Mango de la hora • Stress Judgment • Perception (Part 2) • Rain Falling Up • Church: the Italian Market • Landscape with the Fall of Hillary • Forced to Ponder • Morally Upright • Adulthood • Migration in Tandem • Hospital Bed • To Autumn (After Keats) • Selected Tweets • Hidden Moments • Mysteries are Wrong • Jukebox Memory • Flames • A Simple Moment • The Farmhouse • Lord, Let Me Catch a Fish • Sun-Kissed • Five • The Thing • The Moons of Mars • "You are Weak" • You Kept Me Quiet • Offer Her a Seat • Sacraments • Cigar • The Lake George Mafia • Houses • Spun Out • To Romanticize the Restless • 12/25/17 • skylight • lanternflies • Goo Girls • Toi Le • Lovers, Thinkers, Rebels • home in paradise • Irreverence • The Fisherman • St Mary Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh • Mirror 2

Publication Date

Spring 2019


Collegeville, Pennsylvania


Ursinus College


Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Lantern, literary magazine, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual arts


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Nonfiction | Poetry


Executive Editor: Joe Makuc

Associate Editor: William Wehrs

Poetry Editor: Daniel Walker

Fiction Editor: Julian Barocas

Non-Fiction Editor: Sophia DiBattista

Visual Arts Editor: Sydney Cope

Production Editor: Courtney DuChene

Faculty Advisors: M. Nzadi Keita, Jon Volkmer

The Lantern, 2018-2019



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