The Lantern Literary Magazines, 1933 to Present


Isabella Esser Munera, Ursinus College
Rayna Nunes, Ursinus College
Blaise Laramee, Ursinus College
Chukyi Kyaping, Ursinus College
Bobbi Stone, Ursinus College
Erica Gorenberg, Ursinus College
Anne Rus, Ursinus College
Dana Kluchinski, Ursinus College
Arthur Robinson, Ursinus College
Emily Duffy, Ursinus College
Jane Lee, Ursinus College
Leah Garrity, Ursinus College
Brian Thomas, Ursinus College
Michele Snead, Ursinus College
Melanee Piskai, Ursinus College
Chloe Kekovic, Ursinus College
Kevin Moore, Ursinus College
Codey Young, Ursinus College
Dominick Knowles, Ursinus College
Richard Schulz, Ursinus College
Quinn Gilman-Forlini, Ursinus College
Collin Takita, Ursinus College
Amanda Sierzega, Ursinus College
Mara Koren, Ursinus College
Epiphany Summers, Ursinus College
Caitlin Jackson, Ursinus College
Benjamin Jones, Ursinus College
Joshua Hopkins-Desantis, Ursinus College
Rebecca Galarza, Ursinus College
Kelsey Knowles, Ursinus College
Aubrey Atkinson, Ursinus College
Michael Heimbaugh, Ursinus College
Sophie Zander, Ursinus College
Kendal Conrad, Ursinus College
Nora Sternlof, Ursinus College
Henry Willshire, Ursinus College
Elijah Kineg, Ursinus College
Joshua Hoffman, Ursinus College
Maxwell Bicking, Ursinus College
Andrew Tran, Ursinus College
Arthur Robinson, Ursinus College
Nicolas Shandera, Ursinus College
Grace Buchele Mineta, Ursinus College
Meaghan Geatens, Ursinus College
Nina Petry, Ursinus College
Sean Dolan, Ursinus College
Kayla Sallada '17, Ursinus CollegeFollow
Sam Cermignano, Ursinus College



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• Strikes
• Pietro di Venezia
• To the Lover of Small Things
• Jim's Big Day
• Akademiks
• Redamancy
• A Love Poem for Arctia Caja
• Mother River
• The Lyrics to Your Song
• Nerves
• Gemini Season
• White Interface
• The Last Time I Played with Dolls
• The Mechanic
• My Goldfish
• Put Down Your Hammer
• Strip
• Hollywood
• Identity
• The Grey Zone
• Sophia
• When I Became a Poet
• Unbroken
• The Veteran Aeronaut
• I Have Running Water but They had the Stars
• Not A Nigga
• Mother, Adam, Eve
• From Fragile Seeds: A Palindrome
• Conspiring, The Spires
• Finally Working Out What Goes Where (God, For Example, is in His Kingdom)
• Identity Crisis
• Affection
• Patience
• An Enchanting Lost Cause
• False Starts
• Soggy Rice, Lukewarm Water
• The Glow
• Heat
• 9-14
• Filigree
• Diane Arbus
• Touched
• Dying Alive
• Just Another Drunkard on the Train
• Dinner
• The French Legionnaire
• Conspiracy and Theory
• 1249am
• Colored Pencils
• Sea Glass
• Roundtrip
• The Muse Heard Music
• Lacrimosa
• The Allegory of the Maze
• The Stars on Stuart Road
• To Isabella
• For Want of a Potato Chip
• Termite Nests
• Saving a Rose
• Today and Yesterday
• A Foggy New York
• Cat; Wurtzburg
• Embrace
• Faces
• Geisha
• Pacis Leo
• Patterns
• Te-Whanganui-a-Tara (The Dock)

Publication Date

Spring 2014


Collegeville, Pennsylvania


Ursinus College


Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Lantern, literary magazine, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual arts


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Nonfiction | Poetry


Editor: Julia Kelley

Poetry Editor: Nora Sternlof

Fiction Editor: Isabella Esser Munera

Non-Fiction / Drama Editor: Quinn Gilman-Forlini

Visual Arts Editor: Monica Reuman

Production Editors: Emerson Hawkins, Isabella Esser Munera

Faculty Advisor: Jon Volkmer

The Lantern, 2013-2014



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