The Lantern Literary Magazines, 1933 to Present


Ronak Darji, Ursinus College
Callie Ingram, Ursinus College
Robert Whitehead, Ursinus College
Scott Sherman, Ursinus College
Katherine Murphy, Ursinus College
Josh Ecker, Ursinus College
Sophia Lazare, Ursinus College
Elisa DiPrinzio, Ursinus College
Allison Cavanaugh, Ursinus College
Sarah Brand, Ursinus College
Nathaniel Rosenthalis, Ursinus College
Pete Lipsi, Ursinus College
Ellyn Rolleston, Ursinus College
Shane Kowalski, Ursinus College
Josh Aungst, Ursinus College
Ciara Adams, Ursinus College
Gianna Paone, Ursinus College
Brooke Haley, Ursinus College
Connor McNamara, Ursinus College
Sarah Schwolsky, Ursinus College
Arielle Ross, Ursinus College
Greta Martikainen-Watcke, Ursinus College
Katie Simmon, Ursinus College
Stephanie Bartusis, Ursinus College
Ross Whitehurst, Ursinus College
Jared Ellis, Ursinus College
Amanda Schwartz, Ursinus College
Shaun Frank, Ursinus College
Judson Monroe, Ursinus College
David J. Hysek, Ursinus College
Sean Rosenberg, Ursinus College
Maeve Sutherland, Ursinus College
Nicole Feight, Ursinus College
Edwin Kosik, Ursinus College
Tanja Johansson, Ursinus College
Maire Moriarty, Ursinus College
Elizabeth Cannon, Ursinus College
Elizabeth Mathis, Ursinus College
Amber Spurka, Ursinus College
Josh Krigman, Ursinus College
Lindsay Hogan, Ursinus College
Samuel Stahller '10, Ursinus College
Deanna Hayes '10, Ursinus College
Anne Johnson, Ursinus College
Matt Whitman, Ursinus College
Kieslana Wing, Ursinus College
Ananda Holton, Ursinus College



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• I'm Pregnant. It's Yours
• The Nightmare
• What Death Became After Cyparissus
• Substances
• Ain't That a Man?
• Portrait
• The 100th Chemo
• Looking into Her Toy Box with a Lover
• They Used to Talk About Burning Cities
• MESSAGE: Absence for Allen Ginsberg
• Lunch with Candide
• Behold! Man of Unbelief! Behold!
• Dream #1 Final Strophe
• Patience (Things You Will Discover)
• Four Years
• He Falls Like Leaves
• The Quilt
• Ariel (Turning Tricks at Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey, California)
• Extranjera
• The Taste of Morning
• Fear of Glory
• The Rum Bottle's Fortune
• While Thinking of What to Write
• Dying in Spring
• Tutte le Eta di Firenze
• Token
• A House Grows Into Itself
• Gravity
• Father with the Skyy
• He Says He Dreams of Me
• Myth
• Sun-Veins and Wishbones
• Attempts at Bravery
• One Boy in Four Parts
• Blacktop Rollin'
• Getting My Feet Wet
• The Long Ride After Ending
• Wet Tongues and Sweaty Cotton
• Norman Bates is My Mother
• Sims Trek
• Tomorrow Comes Today
• The Writer's Process
• This Too Was Real
• Venus from the Waves
• Shark
• Monday's Expectations
• Recognition
• The Black Shoes
• Climax
• Andrew
• Bottles
• Calle de Cusco
• God in the Machine
• The 26th of December
• Lollipop Lollipop
• When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth
• Meaning
• Jeffrey
• Looking
• Jagged Edges
• Fading Storm
• Shoes
• Cover Image: Death by Chocolate

Publication Date

Spring 2010


Collegeville, Pennsylvania


Ursinus College


Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Lantern, literary magazine, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual arts


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Nonfiction | Poetry


Editors: Amber Hyppolite and Nicole Dillie

Poetry Editor: Chelsea Catalanotto

Fiction Editor: Anton Teubner

Non-fiction Editor: Abby Raymond

Visual Arts Editor: Maryanne Berthel

Production Editor: MaryKate Sullivan

Faculty Advisor: Jon Volkmer

The Lantern, 2009-2010



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