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Johanna Mellis


The 1920s were a key era for women and women’s rights. It was also a key era for immigration reform and antiimmigrant sentiment. My research is asking if and how there is a correlation between these different takes on one decade. What my research has shown is that while women were fighting for equality and their right to vote, many were also fighting for traditional family values, family roles, conservatism, and nativism. When it comes to the KKK and its rhetoric of America first and anti-immigration, women were not only in the background but front and center in the fight. Some women were simultaneously fighting for change and stasis. With Trump's supporters loud and vocal the same questions can be asked about women’s participation in fear and hate mongering now as it could 100 years ago. How alike are the 2020s and the 1920s?


Presented as part of the Ursinus College Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) held April 22, 2021.

The downloadable file is a poster presentation with audio commentary with a run time of approximately 15 minutes.

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