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What to Know Before You Begin Investing | Grizzly Guide Webinar 2 | David Drea, CFP



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On the second installment of the Grizzly Guide to Wealth webinar, we meet with David Drea (’19), who introduces us to the basics of investing. David holds the Certified Financial Planner designation and is a financial planner with Morgan Stanley. David graduated Ursinus in 2019 with his degree in Applied Economics and Politics. In this webinar, David gives us an introduction to the markets. He overviews a variety of different investment vehicles as well as some insights to industry jargon, such as a “bull” or a “bear” market.

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David Drea, CFP

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David Drea is an Ursinus College alumnus, class of 2019. David is a Certified Financial Planner with Morgan Stanley. As a financial planner, David offers financial planning and advising to his clients to ensure their financial success. At Ursinus, David graduated with departmental honors in Economics and Political Science and was captain of the Men’s Baseball team.


financial literacy, investing, financial markets, liquidity, stock market, economic cycles


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For educational purposes only. George Psaradakis and David Drea are not associated with Ursinus College in a professional capacity. Ursinus College does not provide investment, tax, or related advice. See episode for complete disclosure information.

What to Know Before You Begin Investing | Grizzly Guide Webinar 2 | David Drea, CFP