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The Grizzly Guide to Wealth is a podcast that connects Ursinus alumni and allows them the platform to share their financial stories and lessons they have learned along the way. On this episode, we sit down with Julian Smith (’21), who graduated with his degree in Psychology on a pre-med track. In our first episode, we discuss how Julian has been able to use a budget to form healthy spending habits and manage his cash flow. Julian also describes the different ways in which money was discussed growing up and how a shift in his mindset has helped him re-develop financial personality.

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Julian Smith

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Julian Smith graduated from Ursinus College in 2021 with a degree in Psychology. Julian is currently pursuing his BSN and a career in nursing.


money management, financial literacy, savings accounts, budgeting, investing, leisure spending


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Self-Care & Cash Flow | Grizzly Guide to Wealth 1 | Julian Smith