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Modern Languages (French)

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Céline Brossillon


Presented during the 24th Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 22, 2022 at Ursinus College.

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In the medieval era of religious and political tumult that culminated with the Crusades, (mostly) Roman Catholic Western European citizens from all walks of life committed themselves to conquer Jerusalem and wrest control of historically Christian lands from the Muslim polities that claimed the region. The historical Kingdom of France was a major contributor to the Crusades, and as such, the feudal realms established in the Levant in the wake of the First Crusade were dominated by former French crusaders and citizenry. The geographic boundaries and demography of these Crusader States are reminiscent of French hegemony in the Middle East after the First World War. Thus, this project assesses the similarities, differences, continuity, and change between French control of the Outremer as a result of the First Crusade, and the French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon as seen through the colonial experiences of both French administrators, crusaders, and chroniclers, and those of autochthonous nations.

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