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Diplomatic Corps, Department of State, the White House, audience, President of the United States


The document is a carbon copy of typed notes regarding diplomatic correspondence and setting up formal and informal audiences with the President of the United States of America.

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Washington, D. C.


May 25, 1911.

(1) It is suggested that it be gradually caused to be understood by the diplomatic corps, through casual conversation and otherwise, that the President has designated the Department of State as the channel of communication between the White House and the missions accredited at this capital upon all matters, including those relating to audiences with the President, whether ceremonial or otherwise; and that the office of the Third Assistant Secretary of State is the division of the Department handling all such matters of ceremonial and protocol.

(2) It is suggested that when audiences are directly requested by embassies or legations, whether in writing or by telephone, the White House refer all such requests to the Department of State, which, after consulting the pleasure of the President, will make written reply to the mission concerned. Such written reply might well begin with some such phrase as the following:

Your Excellency's request . . . . . . . . . having been referred by the White House to this Department, which the President has charged with such matters, I hastened to consult the pleasure of the President, and now have the honor to inform you . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If the Minister or Ambassador has omitted an indication

- 2 -

of the nature of the business upon which he desires to be received by the President, the Department of State will first ascertain what such business is and will thereupon inquire the pleasure of the President as to whether he wishes directly to discuss the matter in question or to have the Department of State make courteous reply to the effect that owing to the pressure of other business the President would prefer that this matter be discussed with the Secretary of State, unless there be some especial reason for desiring a different course. In case of such response, it would be made orally and discreetly.

(3) It is suggested that on the occasion of every audience, whether formal or informal, of a foreign representative by the President, an official of the Department of State attend the President, such official being an Assistant Secretary or other officer selected in accordance with the probable nature of the subjects to be discussed, as to which such official will prepare notes in advance for the convenience of the President, preparing also for the files of the Department a record of the conversation, if important.



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Notes for Diplomatic Correspondence, May 25, 1911



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