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Alvey A. Adee, John Ball Osborne, Miles M. Shand, Richard W. Flourney Jr., John R. Buck, Thomas Morrison, John A. Tonner, Henry L. Janes, Percival Heinzleman, Charles W. Fowle, Philander C. Knox, William Howard Taft, organization, Circular 36, coding, classification, bookkeeping, expenditures, esprit de corps, administration


The document is a carbon transcript of notes from a meeting held in the State Department respecting the necessity of more such meetings, the present organization of the Department, expenditures, and esprit de corps.

Present at the meeting were: The Assistant Secretaries, the Solicitor, the Director of the Consular Service, the Chief Clerk and the Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs of the Divisions and Bureaus of the Department.

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Washington, D. C.



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Notes of a Meeting Held in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the Department of State on Monday, March 20, 1911



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