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A handwritten document containing the timeline of various traveling tours, written by Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, dating from circa 1942. These timelines are in connection with his memoir entitled, "Memoirs of an Ex-Diplomat".

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As a boy I was in Belgium at school for a time; and visited France, Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the course of four visits to Europe in those days. In 1893 I visited Morocco and spent some weeks in Spain, studying the language, and in France. In 1907 I again traveled in Spain, studying the language and the country, and spent some time in France. 1897-1906 I was in Japan and made trips to China and all through the Philippines. In 1910 I visited Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania and studied those countries. I also visited Austria, Hungary and Germany en route. In 1914 I visited and carefully studied Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Northern Chile, Columbia, and Venezuela. In 1915 I spent six weeks in France and a fortnight in London. Approximately in 1913 I traveled pretty thoroughly through Italy, visited Switzerland, and spent some weeks in France, which country I have traveled over extensively on various occasions, when, also, I have of course often visited England as well.



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Preliminary Thoughts for Memoirs of an Ex-Diplomat, 1942



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