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John W. Garrett, Gustavo Guerrero, Republic of El Salvador, Italian Republic, Canessa case, Rome, Federico Mejia


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to John W. Garrett concerning a diplomat from El Salvador visiting Italy to discuss the Canessa case.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


John W. Garrett

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 107


Washington, D.C.


May 28, 1909.

My dear Mr. Garrett:

The bearer of this letter, Dr. Gustavo Guerrero, the Secretary of the Salvadorian Legation at Washington, goes to Rome officially for the purpose of explaining to the Italian Government the views of Salvador upon some points in the Canessa case.

At the suggestion of my friend, Mr. Mejia, the Minister of Salvador, it gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce to you Dr. Guerrero, and I hope that the Embassy will not only be able to facilitate his mission in any ways which may be suitable, but will also be able to add something to the pleasure of his sojourn at Rome.

With kind regards, I remain, my dear Mr. Garrett,

Yours sincerely,


John W. Garrett, Esquire,
American Embassy,
Rome, Italy.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to John W. Garrett, May 28, 1909

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