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Woodrow Wilson, South America, Caribbean, inaugural address, William Bayard Hale


In this handwritten letter from William Bayard Hale to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, Hale thanks Wilson for his descriptions of conditions in the Caribbean and assures him that President-Elect Woodrow Wilson will take steps to address misunderstandings in the region.


William Bayard Hale


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

Corresponds to:

Folder 2-5, Document 6


Hollis Park, Long Island


[Hollis Park]

[Unknown, L. I. March 2nd]

[Dear Mr. Secretary:]

[I have reported to Mr. Wilson at length the substance of our conversations on Thursday. He was deeply interested - in no feature more than in your description of conditions in Caribbean America. He had heard from other, but less well-informed, sources stories to which your account gave new importance. The suggestion regarding the insertion of a statement in the inaugural address is impracticable (as you will see from the general nature of this document) but you may rest assured that Mr. Wilson will take very early steps to correct the serious misunderstandings that prevail in the countries to the south of us.]

[All the matters touched upon were reported on as faithfully and fully as my memory allowed - and of course I handed Mr. Wilson the written memorandum.]

[I can assure you the the President-Elect understands the value of your communications, and sincerely appreciates your purely patriotic purposes.]

[I am, dear Mr. Secretary,]

[Sincerely yours,]

[Wm Bayard Hale]

[The Assistant Secretary of State]


Marked "1913" in pencil.



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Letter From William Bayard Hale to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, March 2, 1913



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