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Herbert Parsons, Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, Charles Richard Crane, resignation, China, six-power loan


This handwritten letter from Herbert Parsons to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson advises Wilson to write a history of the State Department's recent dealings with China as well as documenting the incident involving Charles Richard Crane.


Herbert Parsons


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

Corresponds to:

Folder 2-5, Document 5


New York City, New York


[Dear Huntington,]

[Good. The letter is capital.]

[I was wondering how you could stay on.]

[There are two things I wish you would do while the matters are still fresh in your mind. One is to write the history of China recently which would include the story of the six-power loan. The other is to put in writing a complete statement of the Crane incident. The present is likely not a time to publish either. The moment for publication may come unexpectedly, however, and can best then be availed of if all the material is conveniently at hand. And may I have copies of each for my archives.]

[In leaving the State Department you must realize what a rare esprit de corps you have infused into it. The outsider, like myself, is struck with it. Consciousness of it should be a real satisfaction.]

[Time will prove the intelligence, sanity, rigor, thoroughness, justness and unselfishness of your work.]


[Herbert Parsons]

[March 20, 1913]



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Letter From Herbert Parsons to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, March 20, 1913



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