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Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, Europe, Hugh Gibson


In this hand-written letter from Hugh Gibson to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, Gibson expresses his feelings of pride in Wilson's work and wishes him well. He also requests that Wilson pay him a visit.


Hugh Gibson


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

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Havana, Cuba


[Havana. March 25th.]

[My dear old Chief]

[I never have been prouder of you than I am this minute - and that is saying a whole lot.]

[Of course the heathen will rejoice but you can afford to let them enjoy themselves. No man ever left his work with a better right to feel contented with his record of achievement. Everybody that counts (for you) knows how to value what you have done and you have a lot of real friends who are now more staunchly your friends than ever before.]

[Get a complete rest and enjoy the good time you have earned so well. And when you get well rested and feel inclined to take your pen in hand I hope to hear from you.]

[Our golf course is improving day by day and you would enjoy it. If you are delayed in sailing why not come down for a little visit? Otherwise plan for a trip when you return from Europe. THIS IS SERIOUS!]

[There are a lot of nice things I planned to say in this note but somehow I can't seem to find anything specific to put on paper. You will have to take for granted a lot of fine and aptly put expressions of good will and friendship and enthusiasm and believe that I mean them every one.]

[Good luck and bon voyage.]

[Hugh Gibson]


On the paper of this written letter is the official raised insignia of the United States government.



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Letter From Hugh S. Gibson to Francis Mairs Huntington Wilson, March 25, 1913



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